Earth Alchemy Pottery - David Beumee, Ceramicist/Artist

A Lafayette-based ceramicist/artist exhibiting an exquisite selection of high-fired porcelain and stoneware pieces.

Silver Forest Earrings

Each a unique work of art and handcrafted in Vermont.

Bill Semann - Watercolorist/Artist

A nature inspired watercolorist, Bill is exhibiting some of his finely detailed watercolor paintings, a selection of cards, and a few small desktop calendars - each simply beautiful to behold.

Kelly Bader is a Boulder, CO based artist. Her passion for bright colors is reflected in her vibrant and happy body of work.


Jen Lesea-Ames

Jen is a Lafayette-based metalsmith and jewelry designer. Her love of Colorado's mountains, the beauty of Mother Nature, geometry, and texture define her work.


At The Lafayette Lumberyards

115 N. Harrison Avenue  •  Lafayette

720.420.9431  •


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